This is a great opportunity for the Golf Coaching Community to come together to raise money for a great cause, but also to reach out to our students, customers and members, and of course our colleagues!  Lockdown can be lonely for many, and indeed monotonous, so this is a great way to relieve the boredom and to focus on something positive.  

At 2pm UK time on May 5th, we will all go live through our own Instagram Live accounts to teach as many people as we all can, each raising money for our collective charities. After the broadcast has finished we'll all submit how many viewers we had in pursuit of our goal.  It'll also be up to you to share this with all of your coaching colleagues around the world to build the biggest network possible!

So join us in our drive for a million!

#NHS #teachathon #coachathon #worldsbiggestgolflesson


Paul Ring, Sharpshooters Junior Golf, and Gavin Grenville-Wood, Leadbetter Kids Golf, are spearheading a group of like minded professionals to engage the golf coaching community to raise money for the NHS.  The concept is to teach 1 Million people all at the same time using the Instagram Live platform. The idea was brought to life across a series of Zoom calls lead by Paul, where the topic of conversation frequently migrated to how to engage coaches and their customers during this time when their businesses are closed.  Ultimately our goal is to bring
coaches and their students together to show how beneficial it is for everyone to stay connected during this time but also to do our bit as a community to show our thanks to these front line workers and to support worthy causes around the world.


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